Thursday, September 15, 2005

YAY! I'm double digits this week, ten weeks old. We went to the doctor last week and I weighed 11lbs 3oz. Mommy calls me a porky pig. I had to get two needles, one in each leg and they hurt a lot. Dr. Manson is normally so nice but I cried when he stuck me. Daddy tells me that they'll keep me from getting sick so I guess that's good.

We've been busy the last little while so I've not been able to post. Mommy and I have been doing a lot of reading and singing songs, it makes me smile a lot. "You are my sunshine" makes me stop crying and I smile when we do the actions to "The wheels on the bus" song.

I had a big accomplishment this week. I rolled myself from my tummy to my back. Daddy and Mommy's bed is a nice soft place to practice my rolling.

I think I'm going to get to see both of my grandmas and my grandpa this weekend.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Our adventure.

Mommy and I went to the yarn store today. Boy, did we ever see some neat stuff. There were so many different colours and things to touch I was amazed. We took a bus, the subway and a streetcar to get there which was fun; I looked out the windows the whole way there.

I went out to a restaurant with Mom and Dad for the first time ever tonight. I didn't have dinner but it was fun anyway.

Friday, September 02, 2005

A Busy Day

Mommy and I had a busy day today! We went to the mall and did lots of looking around. We really like that there are special nursing rooms at the mall so Mommy can feed me. Mom's friend Asmi was at the mall and she thinks I'm soooooo cute. Mommy got a bit of a makeover and now she's even prettier.

Daddy was out golfing today and he scored an Eagle, we're so proud of him! He's gone out to Bass Pro Shops to get some things he needs for the hunting season. Daddy and I blend together so well in our camo outfits.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

First post.

Hello. My name is Markus and I was born on 6th July 2005 which makes me eight weeks old. Mommy is keeping this diary for me so that my grandparents and aunts and uncles can see how I'm doing and how quickly I'm growing up!

Check back often to see how I'm doing.